Empowering Veterans to Rebuild Their Lives

From the beaches of Normandy to the mountains of Afghanistan you have answered your nation’s call in time of war. You learned to fight with rifle, plane, ship and K-bar knife. Now you’re home and nothing makes sense, you feel adrift and no one understands what you’re going through. We do.


What We Do at The Lancer Legacy Ranch

What we do at lancer legacy ranch: Our 25,000 square foot facility is the only veteran shelter in east Texas and can house up to 24 men.  In addition to providing food and shelter we also offer mental health counseling, employment assistance and legal help.  We also offer our residents the opportunity to become the solution to their own problem by putting them in charge of our programs such as gardening, vocational training, culinary arts, community outreach and many more.

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About The Lancer Legacy Ranch

LLR was founded by the surviving members of 1st Cavalry Division, 2/5 Cavalry Regiment, Charlie Company, 1st Platoon who deployed to Sadr City, Iraq in 2004 as part of Task Force Lancer. We discovered during the 10 year reunion of the Battle of Black Sunday that we felt normal for the first time since that awful day. This sparked the idea to provide veterans a place to connect with others who understood their experiences. This short video below tells about the day that inspired Lancer Legacy Ranch.

Lancer Legacy Ranch empowers veterans to reclaim their lives by helping them identify obstacles to success, providing temporary housing when necessary and connecting them with medical, legal, educational and employment resources within the community.


We believe that humans are the image-bearers of God and therefore inherently deserving of dignity and respect.  By extension, it is fitting that we recognize that worth in each other and behave accordingly.


The expression of truth at all times and in all situations preserves honor and strengthens relationships.  Recognizing the truth about ourselves is the beginning of positive change.


We offer ourselves to our brother and sister veteran because God offered himself for us.  Love is giving unconditionally.  Love believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.  Love never fails.


We believe that true freedom exists in proportion to our ability to stand on our own.  Dependency on drugs, alcohol, unhealthy relationships and the like rob us of our identity.  Our ultimate aim is to enable the veteran to be as self-reliant as possible.


LLR honors God as the source of all true healing and hope for veterans.  We promote a relationship with the Creator and not religious practices.  However, our atheist residents can attest that at no time do we thrust our views upon them.

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Support The Cause

Success is never guaranteed, but our group has an advantage that will take us to the top. Everyone is doing the work because it is their passion, as demonstrated by their willingness to work without pay. Furthermore, we don’t view other agencies as competitors but rather as partners in a common fight. Lancer Legacy Ranch brings a unique perspective, skills and experience into a problem that has existed for as long as there have been cities. We believe that our fresh approach combined with the acquired wisdom of our partner organizations will carry the day. But only with your help. Will you help carry the load for a veteran who was willing to lay down their life for the cause of freedom? We appreciate your tax deductible donation at any level. Purchase the book Black Knights, Dark Days to learn how the ranch got it’s start. Buy a ridiculously overpriced shirt to help spread our message of restoration. Thank you for your support!